My thoughts out in the open.

7.442 billion in the world, about 16,000 people in the U.S named Gavin, and more in other countries. (Thanks Google!)
So who's this Gavin? If you haven't already identified, that's me in the picture, pretending to stare at something, heh! Well then, next question, where am I from, what do I do? Good questions!

Here's a little bit of me that I'd like to share:

I am currently residing in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Studied Computing for my undergraduate studies however have shifted to hospitality as my professional career moving forward.

I spend most days sipping coffee, having Spotify or a podcast session in background, just chilling away, this in addition to my addiction to movies and TV shows.

I also like food. Therefore, I take pictures of food, the proof is all on my Instagram profile (@gavingimbo), do give me a follow!

What else? Hmm... Maybe catch me on any of my social media profiles listed below, we could have a chat!

For anything else, do feel free to drop an e-mail at

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