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Airlines: Boarding Music

Gavin Matthew
Gavin Matthew
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Airlines: Boarding Music

Being an aviation fan gets you to appreciate many things regarding airplanes. You aboard a vehicle that takes you up in the air and in a few hours, you've touched down to a land you call a different country.

I am a big fan of planes and listening to boarding music is probably one of the best ways to go down memory lane of a particular flight that I've had. In reality, most of the time passengers barely notice it. Of-course, when you're busy strutting through the many seats looking for yours while thinking about other things it's completely understandable to not think about "boarding" music.

Thanks to the Internet, we can appreciate the wonderfully composed music any time we want. So here I am listing my favorites.

Etihad Airways

This would probably be my most favorite. Etihad not too long ago had a re-branding, that also included replacing their boarding music. A very middle eastern essence with Arab music elements, which I think suits Etihad well.

Although, their previous boarding music is worth listening to as well.

This one can get you into a good study session, if you're up to listening for 30 minutes!

Turkish Airlines

Music can capture the essence of something, and there's pretty much what Turkish Airlines have done with their boarding music.

The cinematography of the city of Istanbul and the soundtrack just melts together.


Emirates is known for their stellar service, they're also quite good at consistently being at the top of the ranks. Their boarding music has pretty much become signature, and to those frequently flying with Emirates will know exactly what I'm saying.

Singapore Airlines

SingaporeAir — an airline that I'm constantly loyal to. Up there with Emirates, you can always rely on Singapore Airlines when it comes to service and quality. Their boarding music is quite mellow, it's almost non-existent when you're boarding in Economy class, but you're sure to hear it in Business class.

The Rest

Apart from the above, if you're interested in listening to other major flight boarding music, I've made a playlist just for that. Feel free to give it a listen!

airline about to land on ramp
Photo by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa / Unsplash

— Happy flying!

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